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"I'm just a falling angel losing my religion
Trying hard to fly
I'm like a falling angel alone for a reason
Until I touch the skies
I'm just a falling angel losing my religion
Turn the hands up time
I'm like a falling angel longing for the reason
Why you can't be mine.."

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As a child, Joshua was naturally very lonely, having no friends, and, as a result, became closed off, opening his heart to no one. One possible assumption for this is because in older times, children with pale hair and eyes were known to be curses, or they themselves cursed. Not only that, but Joshua had the ability to see the UG, even while living in the RG; he saw things others couldn't see, and his parents were often vexed because of his ability to see these things. Joshua often teases people, but this is because he simply wants a friend to relate to. Years later, Joshua meets Hanekoma, the barista who owns the relaxed cafe on Cat Street. Telling Hanekoma about what he saw, the man began to elaborate upon what Joshua was seeing. This gives them a strong relationship.

Only later on, Joshua became the Composer, either because he is the first Composer, which goes by the Eden pin theory, or he had defeated a predecessor. Either way, Joshua is now all-powerful, omnipotent, and the closest thing to a god, if anything. Joshua rules over all of Shibuya's UG, but he is even lonelier than before. Choosing the UG to be ordered in a caste system, he has his Conductor, his own special Reaper to talk and give orders through; his Reapers, his subordinates, or "employees"; and the Players, those who play his game, and have a higher risk of dying. Joshua finds that Hanekoma is the Producer - his Producer - and frequents his cafe more often.

Upon noticing Shibuya's pollution, Joshua becomes disgusted and revolted; he contemplates destroying Shibuya until his Conductor, Megumi, stops him in desperation. Megumi enters Joshua's game, and Joshua, having found a proxy to use against Megumi, descends to the RG to kill him. Neku Sakuraba, caught dead by the mural in Udagawa, wakes up in the Scramble. Joshua watches him in the UG, all throughout his first Week. Once Neku replays the Game, however, Joshua partners himself with Neku, to confirm Megumi's strategy, to educate Neku, and to protect him. On the last day, Joshua is seen "protecting" Neku from the final attack that would've killed them; Joshua teleports into a different dimension, where he plays Tin Pin until the last day of Neku's final Week. On that Week, Joshua bends the rules in efforts to bring Neku and his friends back to life; thankfully enough, Joshua gets off with nothing more than a warning from his superior.

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(ノ⊙ヮ⊙)ノ~『✧~*Private dick extraordinaire.*~✧』
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Name : Yoshiya Kiryu (桐生 義弥) /Joshua (ヨシュア Yoshua)
Nicknames : Josh, Prissy Kid, Pretty Boy, Petit Prince, Pink(y), Giggles, Rainbow
Age : 15 in appearance; true age unknown
Gender : Male
Fighting Style : High and Low cards
Partner : Neku Sakuraba
Race : Human
Affiliations : Players (illegally)
Classification : Player (illegally) / Shibuya's Composer

"It's quickly evident Joshua is clever beyond his fifteen years—as sly as they come. Unfortunately, his insufferably snotty attitude only serves to widen the gulf between him and Neku...but his knowledge, especially about the Game, does earn him some points." — Game manual description

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In his Player form, Joshua has ash-blonde/silver hair, with dark purple eyes. He is assumed to be about 169cm and approximately 47kg, though these numbers are not official. He has a pale complexion, and is very slender. He has a fair face, though often times his aesthetics proves to contradict his personality. He wears a light blue buttoned collar shirt with black/dark grey pants and white shoes with black laces and soles. However, Joshua does not mind cross-dressing; when offered the opportunity, Joshua will change his clothes into something more feminine. This does often irk Neku.
On the other hand, in his Composer form, he is cloaked in an ethereal aura. He glows a beautiful white, and also possesses wings of the same color. He is, obviously, taller, and may weigh more or less. It is assumed that he wears a white suit, appearing to be unbuttoned at the top, paired with white pants and shoes. His eyes, however, lose their purple hue, instead to be replaced with a monochromatic grey.

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Joshua is an extremely intelligent character with a refined taste and knowledge for the world around him. Unfortunately, these traits are often overshadowed by his constant air of arrogance. He prefers to think and act by himself, always keeping his intentions mysterious, and is difficult to predict. Joshua very rarely gets honestly worked up (and is usually lying when he appears to be) and is always teasing when he is not sharing information. These snobby qualities always make him appear condescending and antagonistic — especially to Neku. Nevertheless, his long history with Hanekoma has ignited a bond of trust between the two. Despite his interpersonal issues, he remains a mature and wise person at heart underneath his attitude. Deep down, Joshua is simply lonely. Hanekoma stated he had been alone most of his life and did not have many friends. At the end of the game, Hanekoma pointed out that he looked sad when he was looking down at his friends (Neku, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme) possibly because he was not able to join them in their reunion. It is seen when Hanekoma asked him of his feelings while the two were atop the 104 building, Joshua instead remained silent and fled. This could be seen as an act of sadness.

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